Disability Income

Why do you need Disability Insurance?

  • What if illness or injury made it impossible for you to work?
  • How long would your savings last?
  • Would your spouse’s or partner’s income be sufficient to make up the shortfall?
  • What lifestyle changes would you or your family need to make?
  • What about your dreams for the future – college for your children, travel, a comfortable retirement?
  • What would happen to your credit rating?
  • Your personal assets won’t cover you for long.
  • Social Security is difficult to collect.
  • Workman’s Compensation only covers on the job accidents.
  • Employer provided Long-Term Disability rarely offers the high quality benefits that most physicians would like to have.

What you should look for in a disability policy:

  • A “your specialty” definition of total disability.
  • A partial or residual benefit.
  • Guaranteed premiums.
  • Non-cancellable by the insurance company.
  • Full mental/nervous coverage.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Portable regardless of where you live or work.
  • Service by an independent broker.

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